6 Best Delicatessen in the Greater Toronto

6 Best Delicatessen in the Greater Toronto Area

There are a handful of impressive delicatessens in Toronto so you will never really run out of options while you’re there. The concept behind these places is simple and that is to bring terrific dining experience to guests within the shortest amount of time.

Unlike restaurants, a delicatessen is famous for serving different types of cold cuts that can either be consumed there or brought home. Here are six of the best delicatessens you can find in the greater Toronto area.

1. Caplansky’s

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Caplansky’s is one of the most famous delicatessens around here. This place serves hand crafted sandwiches that are infused with different fillings and sauces that could appeal to anyone’s discriminating palate.

Other than their range of sandwiches, Caplansky’s is also known for serving homestyle comfort foods that can easily bring guests right back to their respective homes. Not to mention, this place also offers a range of soups, salads and some delicious entrees.

2. Yitz Delicatessen Restaurant & Catering

If you are heading to Toronto in the next few days, make sure to stop by Yitz Delicatessen Restaurant & Catering. This place is known for serving the best corned beef and pastrami sandwiches perhaps in the entire greater Toronto area.

Additionally, the restaurant also serves a wide range of desserts including their chocolate chip cookies and pecan rolls.

3. Pickle Barrel

The Pickle Barrel is one of those few delicatessens in the greater Toronto area that offer the highest dining services at truly affordable prices. The restaurant is also famous for offering a range of menu selections that are appealing to all types of guests, whether they may be locals or tourists.

From shrimps and pastas to breads and desserts, Pickle Barrel definitely has everything that their guests could ever want and need.

4. Cheese Boutique & Delicatessen

Cheese Boutique & Delicatessen was first established in 1970. The place started off as a humble mom-and-pop corner store in Toronto that expanded because of the loyalty of their guests.

What makes Cheese Boutique & Delicatessen unique is not the fact that they serve and sell different types of cheeses, but the fact that they openly show how their cheeses are prepared and crafted. This place is also ideal for both dining and take out.

5. Santo Fine Meats & Deli

If you are a self-confessed meat lover, it would be ideal for you to head to Santo Fine Meats & Deli as soon as possible. This place not only serves a wide selection of meats, they are also known for serving only the freshest and tastiest kinds.

At Santo Fine Meats & Deli, guests can also enjoy a wide range of burger selections that are perfect for individual eaters or those who wish to split the bill in two.

6. Centre Street Deli

Salads, Burgers, Fries, Meats and more. These are just some of the food selections you can order at the Centre Street Deli. The place which was first established in 1988, is the perfect choice among those who want to eat smoked meat sandwiches, double rye or chopped salads and other breakfast platters.

The serving at Centre Street Deli is quite impressive too, making them a perfect option for those who wish to satisfy their cravings for good food.

There are several other delicatessen selections in the greater Toronto area but these six delis mentioned here remain to be your best bet. Not only do they serve unique dishes, they are also well known for their competitive prices and even more competitive services.


Here’s How AMC Theaters Saves Students Money

If you’re a student, you know very well that extra money can be rare to have, so you always try to save wherever you can. Between loans and paying your bills, sometimes you’re not left with much. Even going to a movie theater can seem expensive to you.

The good news is that AMC Theaters have been giving students a break because they understand the problem that majority of students face. If you’re a student, all you have to do is show your school ID to get a discount on your movie ticket price (usually $1). Although the discount is pretty small, it’s better than nothing. And that can still add up to decent savings over time if you’re a regular movie go-er.

Some AMC Theaters also restrict the student discount to only Thursdays, so check with your local AMC Theater before you go.

What is AMC Known for?

AMC Theaters are known for great innovations in the movie theater industry such as seating arrangements and cup holders on the seats. They also keep up with latest digital projector technology so the movies look as best as they can. AMC Theaters have been in business since 1920’s so they have a lot of experience in making sure you get what you paid for and are left satisfied.


Whether you are a student or not, a movie theater like AMC is usually worth the money. Their excellent customer service and affordable ticket rates gives everyone the opportunity to experience the movies at the highest level.


Getting Your Hair, Nails and Waxing Done in One Place

Latest Looks and Head Turners!

When you need your hair, nails, and waxing done, Ulta Salon may be the place where you start. They are very up to date with newest fashion and hair styles. Currently there are over 715 salons nationwide and it is growing rapidly each year.

Ulta Salons also have their own fragrances with skincare and cosmetic products which are all unique and different compared to their competitors. They are also one of the few salons that are actually publicly traded on NASDAQ stock exchange.

Worth the Cost?

Ulta Salon’s services varies between locations but some of their starting prices for “Signature Haircut & Style” starts at $46 dollars and goes up to $70 according to customer demands and hair type.

They are one of the few salons that can give you that hollywood look for a medium price range and finish you off with professional waxing services which range from $11 to $28 dollars. Nail services are also offered and they start at $55 bucks!

Are You On-Board?

Yes Ulta Salon may be pricier that you regular salon that you are accustomed to but they are indeed excellent at what they do. They have been in business for last 20 plus years and they have great staff and employees who want nothing but to keep each and every customer happy and satisfied with their visit.

Off-The-Menu Offerings: Is This A Good Idea?

We live in a society that has become more aware of health and the factors that contribute to its decay. This is why more people are making a conscious effort towards ingesting healthier fare, which is a good thing, as that will increase longevity and improve overall productivity.

If you are a health-conscious person, you have probably ordered a smoothie at Jamba Juice at least once. This is because this establishment is known for its healthy approach and that is why it is popular with people who want their juice fix.

Everyone knows that Jamba Juice is an establishment that creates healthy and nutritious smoothies from 100% fruit juice. However, recently, Restaurant Meal Nutrition says that their menu and is not as healthy as we would envision.

This company has marketed their healthy and nutritious smoothies, as this is what most people who are concerned about their health crave, guilt-free goodness. Their menu pictures are without a doubt, sweet treats, yet they are not as healthy as the regular offerings.

domenicos-pizza-express-footscray-melbourne-restaurants-1Restaurant Meal Nutrition claims that the company serves items like Pink Starburst and Red Gummy Bear, which are supposed to taste like their candy namesakes. Please note that other companies allow off-the-menu orders. Pizza Express is one of the establishments that permit their customers to make their desired changes to cater to their taste buds.

Time, which is a reputable news source, took upon itself to find out if the off-the-menu items are as healthy as their advertised counterparts. As expected, the answer is complicated and yet it somehow makes sense.

Shockingly, most nutritionists have not heard of these secret menus and understandably, they had mixed feelings about it. Most of them were concerned that there was no accessible nutritional information regarding these offerings.

Keri Gans, the author of The Small Change Diet and a registered dietician says that if the public would like a secret menu, it is the responsibility of the company to be transparent, with regard to the calories and nutritional analysis.

By excluding unhealthy items from their menus, they willingly hide its lack of nutritional value, which is especially true in areas like New York, as the law requires restaurant chains to display the required nutritional information in their menus. Please note that this regulation does not apply to items that are not found in their menus or those found on the menu for less than 30 days, according to the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Thus, secret items undermine the intention of that rule, albeit being technically legal. This lack of transparency can be a problem for people who have allergies, as they will not be aware of the ingredients used to create their off-the-menu choices.

Keri Gans states that the most vital factor is that the staff should be educated about the ingredients used. Spokespeople of most restaurant chains denied the existence of these secret menus yet acknowledged that they permit their customers to customize their orders.

According to the Chipotle spokesperson and communications director, Chris Arnold, their employees are trained to make what the customers want with whatever ingredients they have. The quesarito, which is an oversized burrito inside a quesadilla and nachos are some of the items that customers order at this establishment, which are not on their menu.

Most nutritionists say that these off-the-menu requests may not be all that bad, as many customers use this advantage to make healthier choices. Thus, one could say that what you get depends on your dedication to eating healthier.

The chance to choose what you eat allows you to follow a healthier diet or binge on add-ons you may regret. Therefore, it would be wise to choose with care, as your health and waistline are on the line.

Some people like to order from secret menus as they are bored with the regular offerings and are looking for diverse meal choices. If you are looking for variation, you might want to give other chains a try, like Genghis Grill or Hometown Buffet, as they over a wide range of meals.

Judy Kaplan, a registered dietician praised the efforts to offer healthier food choices and also said she was not shocked that some fast food restaurants would offer unhealthy options off the menu. Although fast food has become more nutritious in recent years, with a whopping 12 percent of calories being cut from new menus, there are still many customers who want unhealthy food.

Thus, the chance to choose what you eat may not be a good idea for people with less self-control or those who order based on what their taste buds are longing for.

One cannot exactly blame the food establishments as it is not their sole responsibility, as the customer has the final say. When it comes to business, the customer is and always will be right.